We’ve added a new page with some information to help you prepare for your trip to Tokyo. It includes some important local regulations and emergency info you should know before you come.



The one and only MC Cheng (Ong Yu Cheng) will be at World Yo-Yo Contest 2015!

Get ready to Make Some Noise in Tokyo!!!


The WYYC2015 AP (Artistic Performance) division finalists have been announced!


Give it up for YOMEGA TOKYO (Japan), Naoto (Japan), WHO Theatre (Taiwan), BEAT POIN’T (Japan), SHAQLER (Japan), inmot!on (Switzerland), and current world champions SPINATION (Japan)!

Don’t miss the final round on Sunday, August 16th. See you in Tokyo!

World Yo-Yo Contest 2015 Logo (Full Color)
World Yo-Yo Contest 2015 Logo (Full Color Version)

Freestyle rule is up. There is not much change from the last year. However there are added parts to be more clear. Please read well if you compete.

If you have any question about the rule. Submit your question here.

We are sorry for long waiting and thank you for your patience.


Here is the Official Hotel Info.



However, due to the season and area, we could not get any better deal as a group reservation. Moreover, online individual booking is cheaper in most cases. If you seek much budget friendly options, please find your own lodging. We listed some links on the page for booking hotels, too.


Here is the change.

Change about Connection to the Sound System and Power Supply

After several inquiries about connecting a contestant’s own music equipment to the venue sound system, we decided we will change the rule about this issue. If plugging their own music/sound system into the speakers that the venue/organizer has prepared is a necessary component to fulfill the contestant’s freestyle concept, we will provide one Line-In (mini headphone plug) input and one power outlet for the contestant’s use. Pre-approval from the AP Division judges and the contest organizer is required, and will be decided based on the performance concept description submitted by the contestant. Again, a sound/power connection will not be unconditionally given to all contestants, and must be specially requested and approved.

(Added on 2015.5.11)

Wondering exactly how the WildCard Round is going to work?

Head over to our WildCard Round information page for all the details.

We’ve also made a list of Official Songs (30 seconds) you may choose from so you can get an idea of what’s available. The songs are uploaded as MP3 files, downloadable, and ready to practice with whenever you are.




Photo from WYYC2014 WildCard Round



We started Contestant Registration today!

Please be aware that there are some differences in Division Fee pricing. Also, the basic Contestant Fee will increase as the event gets closer so get the best deal (before April 30th) while you still can!

Available payment methods are Credit Card and PayPal.



World Yo-Yo Contest 2015 Logo

Finally WYYC2015 OFFICIAL LOGO is ready!

We also started updating web site drastically, so keep your eye on!