• August 17 (Mon) afternoon, 1F Event Stage
  • Within 1 minute, players can show tricks/moves/styles/concepts that do not traditionally belong to 1A-5A
  • No music. Only tricks are scored and evaluated.
  • There will be a Video Prelim to determine finalists for the stage.
  • One player can submit multiple styles/moves/etc. Therefore, one player can be on stage several times for different things to show.


  1. Soichiro Sugiyama (Hubstack)
  2. Rei Iwakura (Yo-gling)
  3. John Wolfe (Rei-Dragon/Double Dragon 5A)
  4. Takahiko Hasegawa (Long String)
  5. Hassan Marialis (Triobius/3A+Moebius)
  6. Ryuya Kaneko (Loop-Hoop)
  7. Keiichi Takimoto (Picture Trick)
  8. Rei Iwakura (Air Combo Style)
  9. TAKE-Iguchi. (4A Top-On x Balance x 2A)
  10. Gabor Kocsis (Tethered Dragon / One-handed Double Dragon)
  11. Justin Weber (Long String)
  12. Zachary Lytle (Magnetic Yo-Yo)
  13. Sora Ishikawa (2-Hand Counter-Weight)
  14. Takahiko Hasegawa, Ryuya Kaneko, Mai Kaneko, Shun Sakakibara, Yoshimi Koga (Fuji-san/Long String Team Ver.)
  15. Ishihara-Dai-Circus (Duo 4A)

Congratulations to all!


This event was created to allow players to perform/exhibit tricks and styles which cannot be performed or do not score well in traditional 1A-5A.


In 2000, the X Division was created to foster the creativity of non-traditional styles in 1A and 2A.

One of the big influences in the creation of the X Division was Hironori Mii’s off string freestyle in the 1A Division at the 1999 World Yo-Yo Contest in Hawaii. The object of the X Division was to support anything but the two traditional styles of 1A and 2A. In three years of X Division history three distinct styles developed, which then warranted splitting the X Division into three official divisions in 2003: 3A, 4A, and 5A.

After the split, there was no place for styles that had existed in the X Division but didn’t fit into 3A/4A/5A, nor for any new styles. For some players, the AP Division became a place to showcase such new, unique, novelty styles.

World Yo-Yo Contest 2010 – Takahiko Hasegawa

World Yo-Yo Contest 2010 – Rei Iwakura

However, in recent years Ky Zizan introduced “Double Dragon,” Sora Ishikawa has showed off a fusion style of 3A and 5A, and Daniel Ickler, a.k.a. Zammy, has kept developing “Mobius.” There are many new players and new styles have been emerging and gathering attention.

World Yo-Yo Contest 2013 – Ky Zizan

World Yo-Yo Contest 2014 – Sora Ishikawa

New trick styles have the potential to change the next decade of the yo-yo scene and how we play with yo-yos in general. Therefore, we decided to hold TRICK X-IBITION to provide a place for these new styles to develop.


  • Judges will evaluate the newness, creativity, difficulty, degree of mastery, and execution of performed skills.
  • Performance time will be 1 minute for both the video prelim and final performance.
  • Entry will not be per player, but per trick style. One player can compete multiple times with different styles. Placement will be awarded by listing both player name and the style used (ex. Player 1 with “___ Trick Style”).
  • There is no limit to the number of yo-yos used. You are allowed to use props on stage, too.
  • The Prelim round is a video prelim.
  • No music required, and will not be evaluated if used. Purely tricks and the trick style itself will be evaluated.


  • There is no particular limit to the yo-yos or props used, however contestants must secure the safety of the audience, judges, facility and themselves.
  • No gigantic props or things requiring time consuming set up (or take down) are allowed.
  • If judges think the performance is inappropriate for general audiences, the contestant can be disqualified.
  • TRICK X-IBITION is not a world title division.


  • June 25: Video submission starts
  • July 20: Deadline for video submission
  • August 1: Finalist announcement
  • August 17: TRICK X-IBITION Final


Judges will evaluate the newness, creativity, difficulty, degree of mastery, and execution of performed skills. After all contestants have performed, judges will hold a meeting to decide the following awards.

  • Valuable Style Award: Out of all the trick styles performed, we are looking for ones that may be examples of the following: “Particularly new and have a high degree of creativity,” have a “High degree of perfection, enough to be called a trick style,” and have “The potential to become an official trick division in the future.” *A few styles may be awarded.
  • Most Valuable Style Award: Awarded to the player and style that stands out above the rest as the most valuable style. *May or may not be awarded. **May also be awarded to the style only, without a representative player.

Examples of Trick Styles (including, but not restricted to these)

  • Hubstack
  • Double Dragon
  • Hydra
  • GoWest
  • Magnet
  • Mobius
  • Triple Axle
  • Sword Dancer
  • 2in1
  • Contemporary Fixed Axle Tricks
  • Stop and Go
  • 5A with Bars
  • Long String
  • Paper Clip
  • String Cut
  • Hoop Loop
  • Looping with foot
  • Off String Counter Weight
  • Spike Yo-Yo
  • Cherry
  • Big Yo-Yo
  • Mini Yo-Yo
  • Rocket / Bank Deposit
  • Loop and String Trick
  • String Eat
  • Adding spin to other yo-yo
  • Washing Machine
  • Off Finger / Flying Eel
  • 1/2 A
  • Picture Trick

Just doing tricks is not enough. Including the newness, difficulty and creative ideas, the style level is expected to meet the level of other skill divisions (1A-5A).



How to enter:

Submit your preliminary tryout video by July 20th, 2015.

Upload it to a Vimeo/YouTube account as a “private video.”
Creating an account is free and easy to do: or
Once you have created your account click “Upload a Video” at the top of the page.
After uploading your video, click “settings” and then select the “privacy/private/only with the link” option.
Once you have done this, please email trickxjudge (AT) with the following information:

  • Your full name(s):
  • Trick Style Name:
  • City:
  • Country:
  • Age:
  • Contact E-mail:

The performance in your preliminary tryout video can be up to 1 minute in length. No editing, cutting, or connecting is allowed. Just like it would be on the stage, the entire performance must be in one shot. You can play music in the background if you wish, but it will not be subject to judgement.

All videos must be submitted/arrived by July 20th, 2015.

The results for the preliminary tryout video round (players qualified to finals) will be announced on this page by August 1.



(Last Update: 2015.6.26)