We are recruiting volunteer staff who can help support this big event.

If you are a contest organizer from your country, this is an especially good chance to see and learn how or what JYYF does for running a contest.



Here are some of the positions we are seeking staff for.

  • Registration / Reception
  • Help Desk / Guide
  • Translator
  • Yo-Yo Teaching

The following positions require previous experience or professional knowledge of the work.

  • Judge
  • MC
  • Photographer
  • Score Entering

Please submit your registration by July 15.

After this date, we cannot guarantee some of your staff benefits (ex. some free goods).


The detailed contest schedule will be announced later. Even if you cannot stay the whole time, we will coordinate around your schedule. Please feel free to let us know your request.


  • If you are also competing we will schedule your tasks around that.
  • Please obey and follow the organizer’s directions.
  • We may decline your offer due to the capacity of positions or suitability of roles.
  • Generally, we only accept staff applications from people 18 years old or older.

Transportation or Lodging Fees

We will not cover any costs for transportation or lodging.

However, there are some cases that we may cover those fully or partially.

Staff Benefits

  • Free admission on the day(s) you participate as staff
  • Free boxed lunch on the day(s) you participate as staff
  • WYYC2015 Special Staff T-shirt
  • WYYC2015 Special Staff Yo-Yo (Must volunteer for 2 or more days. Model may differ depending on your role or the number of days you volunteer.)


Staff Registration Form

    Participating Tasks (Required)

    MCJudgeReception/RegistrationTranslatorGuide/Help DeskPhotographerScore Enterer/CheckerTeaching/Guiding

    Days you are available (Required)


    Legal Name (Required)

    (ex. Robert Smith, Man-Fai Chan, Si-Yee Pong)

    Name on Staff Registration (26 Alphabet Letters ONLY) (Required)

    (ex. Bob Smith, Chan Man Fai, Peter Pong, Lee Minwoo, Palli Guomundsson)

    Language You can speak (Required)

    (ex. Japanese, English [Please list all you can speak/understand/communicate])

    Country you are from (Required)

    Arrival Date
    (If you have a flight booked already)

    (ex. 2015-08-12)
    (Often, the departure day and arrival day can be different, so please check to be sure.)

    Arriving Flight
    (If you have a flight booked already)

    (ex. DL137, UA987, LH27)
    (The flight arriving in Japan)

    Hotel Name
    (If you have a hotel booked already)

    (ex. Holiday Inn Nihonbashi, Ueno Youth Hostel)

    Departure Date
    (If you have a flight booked already)

    (ex. 2015-08-18)
    (The day you leave Japan)

    VISA assistance needed? (Required)

    E-mail (Required)

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    E-mail Address (Again)

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    Age (Required)

    (Age on the day of the contest's final round)
    *We may list this on the results.

    T-shirts size (Required)
    American Men's size (just like HANES, GILDAN, ANVIL, FOL)

    How did you start playing yo-yo?

    Any comment?

    I agree to the Code of Conduct and that all of the above information is correct.