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What is the reasoning for Möbius not being scored in 1A?

The ultimate goal as IYYF is to make this sport as fair and as clear as possible. In yo-yo history, in 1999 Hironori Mii competed in 1A with Off String style and some played AAA in 2A. Next year, in 2000, the X Division was established for non-traditional styles. In 2002, Yu Kawada did an artistic freestyle in 1A and the next year the AP Division was established.
The same thing is happening this year. Ky showed his Double Dragon, Zammy presented skilled Mobius. They are getting better and that’s why it is getting harder for judges to compare those new, very different tricks within standard 1A freestyles. They are not meant to be banned or discouraged. We wanted to encourage more creativity, and make players not worry about passing a Prelim or WildCard round in order to show their new ideas. Therefore, we made a more appropriate place for those special styles which is “Trick X-ibition.” We all hope Ky, Zammy and many other players with new ideas will come and show their skills in the newly-established Trick X-ibition to inspire many other players all over the world.

Q. Why don’t picture tricks  get any points?

A. We are not sure what kind of move you are imagining with “Picture Tricks,” but we see “Picture Tricks” as a “yo-yo trick in which the yo-yo is simply sleeping on the bottom of the string, while making a shape with the string without moving the yo-yo at all.” Even if you make a very complex piece of art with the string, it is just a “Cat’s Cradle” skill, not a YO-YO controlling skill. Therefore, we see “Picture Tricks” as zero point moves in any division. However, if you make a shape by moving the yo-yo in a manner with certain difficulty, we will award some points to those yo-yo moves. Making a shape as the result of doing some yo-yo moves is proof that you made all the moves you planned. If the shape is neat after the yo-yo lands, it proves that you controlled the yo-yo well, and then you may receive some extra points because of the difficulty and control required to make and present a shape.


(Last Update: 2015-06-23)