Contest Official Hotel

Ochanomizu Hotel Juraku

  Ochanomizu Hotel Juraku

 2-9 Awaji-cho,Kanda, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, Japan 101-0063

Via Inn Akihabara

  Via Inn Akihabara

 2-19-4 Suda-cho,Kanda, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, Japan 101-0041

Due to August being the peak summer travel season, we are having a hard time arranging an official hotel at a reasonable price.

This is the best price we could offer as WYYC Organizer.

The Contest Official Hotel rate will be approximately US$90-100 per person per night. It comes with an evening time practice and hang out room.

→Reception has been closed.



Find Other Budget Hotel

To fit your budget, please book a hotel through any hotel booking site like the following:


All hotel prices in Japan are “per-person,” not “per-room.” If you try to stay with more people than you book for, you may be kicked out. Hotels are very strict about that.

This is the general price range for hotel rates per night in this area. Due to the peak travel season, prices may be higher than listed here.

Capsule Hotel: $30-40

Youth Hostel: $40-60

Business Hotel: $70-$90

Tourist Hotel: $100-150

Nice Hotel: $150-200

The price range is somewhat similar to San Francisco and New York City.



The contest venue is in the Akihabara station area.

You can get a hotel in Ueno/Okachi-machi area, Ochanomizu, or Kanda and still be in close walking distance.

Train lines stopping at Akihabara station are the Yamanote-Line, Keihin-Tohoku-Line, Sobu-Line, and Hibiya-Line.

If you get a hotel near a station on one of those lines, you can come to Akihabara very easily.