Applicants submit yo-yo(s) they modified or made from scratch, and judges will observe, check and evaluate each entry.

Changes for this year

  • All Applicants must register as MODS CONTEST participants and pay a Division Fee of JPY 3000.
  • All yo-yos must be mailed and have arrived at the shipping address by July 31.
  • Also, please e-mail us your theme, point, materials, production process and other details about your entry.
  • All yo-yos will be photographed, measured and listed on the official web site.
  • Special thanks to Yo-Yo Shop SPINGEAR. They will measure and take photos of the entries.
  • All yo-yo entries will be judged at the contest venue and returned to the owner on the last day of the contest. If not, they will be returned by mail.

Submission Method:

All yo-yos must be mailed and have arrived at the shipping address by July 31.

Shipping Address:

World Yo-Yo Contest MODS CONTEST
C/O Soloham
1-9-7 Sennin-cho, Hachioji, Tokyo, 193-0835 JAPAN, Phone: 81-42-629-9446

We cannot be responsible for any damage or loss from shipping/transportation. Please pack your yo-yo well and ship with a reliable carrier.



Please also send an e-mail to us with the following information at the same time as you ship. E-mail address: modsjudge (AT)

  • Contestant Name:
  • Shipping Carrier name and tracking number (if available):
  • Yo-Yo Name:
  • Theme, Point, Materials, Production Process and other details:
  • Country:
  • E-mail:
  • Return Method: Receive at the Contest / Mail Back
  • Return address: Name, Address, Zipcode/Postal Code, Phone):


Judging Criteria:

It will a combination of judge’s evaluation and voting to determine the point.


Judges’ Evaluation






Everyone who visit MODS Booth can vote.

Voting by Legends (more points than regular vote)

Judge Members

  • Shinobu Konmoto
  • Yuumi Shiga
  • Tetsuya Hoshino
  • Hideki Toho

Legend Voters

  • Ben McPhee (YoYoFactory)
  • Stu Brown (Werrd)
  • Ron Chan (C3yoyodesign)


(Last Update: 2015.8.6)