Long Sleeper Contest

We are doing a Long Sleeper Contest at the World Contest 2015!

Let’s all try together to beat the Long Sleeper world record (currently 30 minutes, 28.30 seconds).

We will be recording the attempt with cameras and judges to measure the time.

What is a Long Sleeper?

A Sleeper is a trick in which the yo-yo is thrown down to the bottom of the string, where it continues to spin until it’s brought back to the hand.
However, for this Long Sleeper Contest it won’t be necessary to catch the yo-yo.

Event Day and Time

We will hold the Long Sleeper Contest on Monday, August 17th, starting at 13:00 in the 2F Main Hall.

Entry Qualifications

Contestants who entered the freestyle contests, as well as anyone not registered to compete may enter this contest.
There is no registration fee to participate, so please feel free to join without hesitation.


  • There is no limitation to the use of yo-yos that are commercially available to everyone.
    *One-of-a-kind, original (ex. custom, mods, or special) models will be excluded from the ranking, however we will still keep the time record for reference. If you want to show the power or potential of your yo-yo to the public, please place a request with the referees just before the contest begins.
  • All participants will start (throw down) at the same time.
    We will measure the time until the yo-yo’s rotation completely stops. It’s not necessary for you to catch the yo-yo.
    If you have a throw miss you’ll be disqualified.
  • You may throw and/or hold/adjust the string as you like.
    However, the use of any sort of machine to throw, touching the yo-yo to add spin, or holding the string with anything other than your hand is forbidden.
  • Added weights are prohibited.
    Due to the risk of them coming off during a full power throw, do not install any weights that can be removed by hand.
  • Strings that are available commercially only, please. As long as it is commercial merchandise, your string can be as long (or short) as you want.
    (To guarantee safety, 100% cotton string is not allowed. We recommend using 50/50, or Polyester 100%)
  • Yo-Yos equipped with a power generating device or variable weights are not allowed.
    (The use of yo-yos installed with a motor, such as Hyper Infinity, etc. is prohibited.)

*These are simple rules, however please check them thoroughly. To be ready for the simultaneous throw-start, please be sure your string is in good condition. Yo-Yos judged to be dangerous will be disqualified.

About Record Keeping

The Long Sleeper world record (currently 30 minutes and 28.30 seconds) will be officially recorded by the American Yo-Yo Association (AYYA). This is not a Guinness record attempt.
If the record is beat at this contest, we will submit it to AYYA official records.

Contest Winner

We will present a championship medal to the person with the longest sleep time.


(Last Update: 2015.8.6)