To All Attendees of WYYC2015

We’d like to let you know the location of registration, as well as some important points to keep in mind.


Contestant Registration will be on 2F.

After having confirmed your name, we will give you your event wristband, program, etc. Please be prepared with a photo ID and/or a copy of the auto-reply e-mail you received when you registered.

We will also collect your music CDs at this time, so please have all of them with you when you register.


General Admission Spectators

To purchase General Admission tickets, please visit the WYYC2015 Official Booth on 1F.

If you pre-registered for your ticket(s) online, you can pick them up at the WYYC2015 Official Booth on 1F. Please be prepared with a photo ID and/or a copy of the auto-reply e-mail you received when you registered.

Once you have your ticket(s), you may proceed to the General Registration table on 2F. There, you can exchange your ticket for your admission wristband, program, etc.

If you have a ticket for a contest special limited yo-yo, you can exchange it for the yo-yo at the WYYC2015 Official Booth on 1F.



Staff Registration will be on 2F.


Contest Supporters

You may pick up your ticket(s), commemorative goods, etc. at the WYYC2015 Official Booth on 1F.



For Sponsors who do not already have their tickets, you may pick them up at the WYYC2015 Official Booth on 1F.



We will be doing registration on Sunday, August 16th at the entrance of the 2F Main Hall.


Important venue information. Please read!

・Eating and drinking is permitted in the venue, however please be sure to take your trash home (or to your hotel) with you.
・Alcohol is not permitted on the 2F and B1 floors.
・Smoking is prohibited in the venue. Please only smoke in designated smoking rooms.
・Please consider the safety of all contestants and spectators. No running in the venue.
・Yo-Yoing is prohibited in the 2F Main Hall. You may play yo-yo in the B1 Practice Area.
・Due to danger, please do not play or run on (or in the vicinity of) the escalators.
・All children under 6 years of age must be accompanied by a parent or guardian at all times. If small children are found alone in the venue, a staff member will retain them and have an announcement called for their guardian. In a worst case scenario, that child and their guardian(s) may be asked to leave the venue.
・Please keep track of your valuables at all times. Organizers and staff will not be held responsible for lost or stolen items.
・Please do not hold seats by leaving personal items behind. Any items found left behind by unknown owners will be removed immediately.
・Please do not bring large or excessive baggage into the venue. If necessary, please leave it in a coin locker in the train station or another location.
・We will give you an admission wristband in exchange for your admission ticket. Please wear it at all times.
・You must be wearing your wristband in order to enter the halls on 2F & B1.
・If you are not wearing your wristband we cannot permit entrance to the venue, and you may be asked to leave.
・All children 6 years old and older will need a wristband to enter the halls on 2F & B1.
・Do not forget to wear your wristband every day you come to the contest. You cannot re-enter the venue with only your ticket stub. In the case that your wristband is lost, it cannot be re-issued and you will be asked to purchase a new one.
・There are no assigned seats. Seating is first-come, first-served.
・We are not able to refund the event entrance fee.
・If you make excessive noise (more than average cheering or applause) or shout, heckle, or otherwise disturb contestants during freestyles you may be asked to leave.
・Please refrain from using any noise makers, speakers, stomping feet, and singing in the Main Hall.
・Please refrain from carelessly calling out, speaking to, or otherwise distracting contestants on stage.
・The use of flash photography, glow sticks, LED and any other light-up devices is absolutely prohibited while freestyles and performances are taking place.
・During all freestyles and stage performances, please turn off your mobile phones and devices or switch them to silent/manner mode.
・Please refrain from entering/exiting/moving through the 2F Main Hall while freestyles are taking place.
・Contestants who do not abide by these spectator rules may be disqualified or lose their awarded placement.
・Please follow all directions and requests by Staff. If you do not you may be asked to leave.

To Guests Accompanied by Small Children:
Yo-Yo competition and practice is taking place within the venue. In other words, a sport in which yo-yos made of metal, spinning at high speeds and carefully controlled by competitors is taking place. These competitors have, in most cases, many years of experience and the case that they may make a careless mistake which may harm another person is unlikely. However, if small children suddenly approach these competitors while they are practicing, there is a risk that they may collide with a fast-spinning yo-yo. In order to limit the risk of accidents, we ask that you please accompany your small children at all times. In the case that an accident is caused by the actions of your child, you may be asked to leave the venue. We kindly ask for your understanding of this important issue.


(Last Update: 2015.8.6)